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Hey! On your 3D Paveline, did you follow any tutorials, mainly on the texturing/lighting process? I'm currently working in Maya for some modeling projects that were assigned in my classes, but I LOVE this final look. It reminds me of The Wind Waker! I know there's obviously going to be a different process as we're working in different programs, but seeing the breakdown would be awesome. Wireframes, unwrapped textures, etc. If you'd be willing to post that kind of stuff, I'd really appreciate it!

Asked By: parkuspanda



Hey!! I’d be happy to share some resources. 

These were the main tutorials I used:

Building the model:—cg-16132


Character rigging:

I also googled a LOT of small things as they came up when I messed up or the tutorial overlooked something. And I took a lot of notes for shortcuts on sticky notes as I went through the tutorials.

As for the lighting it was very trial and error.. I looked up a lot of tutorials but they didn’t seem to work how I wanted. The main problem I had on though is that when I turned on the toon shader, I didn’t have “smooth shading” on, because I wanted to preserve the polygons. But the problem there is that the light catches on all the different angles and doesn’t smooth out so it ends up looking like a paperdoll instead of simple two tone shading.

I also had ambient occlusion on, which wasn’t working out. So I turned that off, turned on smooth shading, used the toon diffuse lighting in the materials tab, turned off spectrals also in materials and set up one orangish point of light and one hemi lamp.

I don’t know if that makes sense.. i didn’t think i’d be able to get it to work but somehow it came out pretty ok.

Hope this helps!! All this stuff is in blender but I imagine maya works similarly. In a few days maybe I’ll post some of the wire frames and texture stuff.